Dominique's Connecticut senior session

Hi friends!

I want you to meet Dominique. Dominique and I met several years ago when her family was briefly stationed in Dayton. Our families became instantly close! Time and space have not impacted the love we have for each other. Dominique, her incredible siblings, and wonderful parents are the type of people who show up exactly when you need them. They are the people that you love forever.

 Clearly, we formed a tight bond in the short time they were here, and I truly value the relationship we have to this day. 

If I could go back in time to my teenage years and have a role model, it would be Dominique. You think I’m joking, but I’m not! When I look at Dominique, I see someone who is strong, independent, intelligent, and the type of woman everyone needs in their corner. She’s an excellent problem solver, stellar athlete, strong leader, caring sibling, and not to mention, funny! My husband and I have chaperoned youth trips with our church that Dominique has attended. During those trips, I could always trust Dominique to volunteer to do the hard work, maintain a stellar attitude, and keep morale up. Oh, and she plays the ukulele…I mean, what can’t this girl do? She’s absolutely a force to be reckoned with. I have no doubt this young woman will be a trail blazer and widely successfully in all that she does. 

I can't get over these dreamy beach photos!

This Connecticut photo shoot was so fun. Not only did I get the opportunity to travel, I spent time in a beautiful state with people I love, and jam out to Dominique’s impressive ukulele skills.


Capturing Dominique’s spirit for her senior photo session was inspirational. I got to capture the joy and beauty she emits and remind myself, there is beauty in every moment and every friendship is precious.  

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