"buy less,choose well, make it last."

 These words from Vivienne Westwood ring true to the heart of Gem City Apron. 

The story of Gem City Apron’s beginning is inspiring. Four women-owned businesses came together to create awareness about waste in the fashion industry and pool their resources to give a second life to discarded products. Did you know that most of the fashion items we purchase end up in landfills and only a small percentage receive a second life? Sadly, fashion companies are responsible for a sizable bulk of greenhouse gas emissions, but with companies like Gem City Apron using old clothes to create new products and remain mindful about their waste and resources, I think this world is headed a step in the right direction.

The women at Gem City Apron take old, torn, discarded jeans, breathe new life into them to create beautiful, unique aprons. Believe it or not, each apron is made from 100% recycled materials and the minimal waste they produce in the production process is also recycled. These ladies know what they’re doing. The beauty of using upcycled jeans is that no two Gem City Aprons are exactly alike, they have a ton of character, and they feel as good as your favorite pair of jeans. When I wear my Gem City Apron, I can’t help but think of all the women involved in this one garment; it feels like I have my own personal cheerleaders wrapped around my waist (who can say no to that?).

Below are some of my favorite images from our photoshoot!  

this apron is stunning & versatile

Collaborating with other creative, small business owners is a fun and empowering experience, especially ones who are working toward a logical and beneficial solution to a problem.

look at these amazing details!

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